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ICMR -RMRC Field Station at Keylong, Himachal Pradesh was initiated in June 2015,It was founded by Former Director General ICMR Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Former Director ICMR-NIRTH Jabalpur, Late Dr.Neeru Singh, Dr.RajniKant , Director, ICMR-RMRC GKP and head, RMPPC, ICMR New Delhi, based on the recommendations of XII plan proposals and High-Power Committee recommendations towards expanding ICMR outreach activities in un-served and difficult remote inaccessible areas. 


Dr. Rajnikant Srivastava
Director, ICMR-RMRC Gorakhpur

      ICMR-RMRC GORAKHPUR Field Station, Keylong, Himachal Pradesh

             Dr. Rajnikant Srivastava,Scientist-G Director RMRC Gorakhpur,

            Dr. Mahendra, Scientist-D Nodal Officer(Keylong Field Station)